Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This makes me feel better

So I am a bit discouraged because apparently I have no quilting talent.

After a bit of a break I've attempted a return to quilting.  It's not going so well... but that's to be expected.  I don't know why I expect myself to be an expert when I'm still in the baby stages of learning.

Oh well... I'm going to keep going and trying!

This quilt reminds me that I can do it.

Love the uniqueness of this quilt.  AND I PICKED OUT ALL THE FABRICS MYSELF! OK if you're not a pink person you might not be too impressed but I'm not really a very creative person when it comes to color coordination (all my clothes are black, white and shades of grey... saves time when trying to match in the morning on the way to work - typically if I do add color it's black pants and a colored top.  I still don't know what matches with tan or dark blue pants...).

Can I tell you how easy this quilt was?  The pattern came from the book "Quilts without corners".  LOVE it.  I should probably try some other patterns in there because I was shocked it was actually a pretty decent circle.  You would think it would be harder to make a circle but apparently rectangles are more difficult for me.

Would of loved to do some free motion quilting but I have no idea how.... Need to take a class to learn my machine.  The wavy lines were my pitiful attempt while still doing regular quilting.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I actually accomplished somthing

Not much but I'll take it...

It was rough in the beginning. 

Apparently 42 divided by 2 does not equal 20?? Really?? And are you really suppose to pin the fabrics together so the seam ends up on the wrong side of the blanket?  Cause it really looks good when it's the other way around!

After all that I finally got the borders on.  Not sure I'm in love with the border choices (this is why I love kits so I don't have to make choices in life... I'll go into that more in a later post) but think it's OK enough to keep going.

Love this pattern - It's a 9 block basic that I got at my local craft store.  I did modify it a bit for the last border to work with the fabric I had.

(Oh and BTW, in an effort to take a picture in natural light I proceeded to lock myself outta the house with no shoes!  AND IN MY SCOOBY DOO BOXERS!!!!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well here is the impetus for this blog.  As you can see I have many unfinished projects in various stages of completion.

1.  Crochet baby blanket
2.  Counted cross stitch wall hanging
3.  Baby girl quilt
4.  Flower bedspread
5.  Attic windows wall hanging
6.  Red work quilt
7.  Crochet baby blanket - animals

So I'll keep everyone updated on my progress. 

To completely not depress myself I'll post completed projects as well from time to time.

My first entry

Well as with everything in my life I'm a late bloomer (Just an example, when everyone in elementary school was getting a Nintendo I was just getting an Atari).  Let me introduce myself... My name is Lindsey and I have to admit I might just be the most totally uncrafty crafter on the planet.  Just like with singing and dancing I have all this artistry in my bones but I just can't seem to translate it to reality! Oh well...

As for my age the example above should give you a rough estimate.

I'm starting this blog to try and help my 2 major craft flaws:  uncraftiness and procrastination.

As I'm new to blogging please excuse any newbie errors.  I do take gentle criticism so please let me know if I'm offended someone or violated any unwritten/written rules of the blogging universe.

Thanks All!

Looking forward to this relationship!

(FYI, I like "..." and "!"  You'll get sick of me pretty quickly.