Monday, August 27, 2012

HELP - Suggestions needed

Well it's taken me longer to finish my "main" blocks but thats because once I started up on the 5th block I forgot how much I love to do red-work.  I then decided to do the last 2 blocks in the book (Cherished Redwork for Baby).

So I have 7 blocks (pictures at end of post) and I now need to determine what my filler blocks will be.

1.  I need 8 more blocks.  The pattern will be somewhat of a checkerboard (3 blocks across and 5 blocks down).  If my blocks end up being around 10-12 inches (haven't decided yet... I can be alter depending on the size of the filler blocks) it'll be a pretty decent size (ummm you can do the math if you really want).

2.  I think I'm sold on a log cabin type block. Was going to use a white center with maybe a heart embroidered on.  Thoughts?

3.  The plan was to stick to red shades.  Should I add any other colors?

This is where it gets tricky because now I need to be somewhat creative.  Not my strong point in the least.  I'm really good at following instructions...not so good at figuring this stuff out myself.

But aren't they gorgeous?????
(Brownie points for the person who can figure out which one was last off the hoop!)

BTW, I'm totally re-doing all of these for another quilt, tho instead of doing all red, I'm going to do it in the "natural colors" (i.e. Do the pumpkin orange, the leaves green, the mouse brown, etc...)!  Can't wait... and I probably won't.