Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My first entry

Well as with everything in my life I'm a late bloomer (Just an example, when everyone in elementary school was getting a Nintendo I was just getting an Atari).  Let me introduce myself... My name is Lindsey and I have to admit I might just be the most totally uncrafty crafter on the planet.  Just like with singing and dancing I have all this artistry in my bones but I just can't seem to translate it to reality! Oh well...

As for my age the example above should give you a rough estimate.

I'm starting this blog to try and help my 2 major craft flaws:  uncraftiness and procrastination.

As I'm new to blogging please excuse any newbie errors.  I do take gentle criticism so please let me know if I'm offended someone or violated any unwritten/written rules of the blogging universe.

Thanks All!

Looking forward to this relationship!

(FYI, I like "..." and "!"  You'll get sick of me pretty quickly.

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